Industry-Business zone "Lanara"


Industry zone Lanara spreads on 14ha containing 11,8 ha or 84% unused parcels for investors. Within the zone there are 21 parcel of different size – from 2.700m2 to 8.500m2 , and it is important to mention that Parcelation plan is flexible i.e. it is possible to reduce or to increase the size of the particular parcel by merging of few parcels.The zone Lanara is situated near the existing business subjects (Borje and Destilacija) and near the downtown, which implies to the fact that all the required infrastructure is next to it, and the closest residental buildings are 500m far.


Business zone type: Greenfield
Area: 140.847 m²
Location: Urban area of Teslic
Address: Ul. Kralja Petra,
Teslic 74270
Distance from the county road-1km
Road communication - Good
Topography of the terrain - Flat
Soil characteristics-Stable


Electricity - Yes(up to the zone border)
Water supply - Yes (up to the zone border)
Waste water drainage system - Yes (up to the zone border)
Solid waste disposal - Yes (up to the zone border)
Telecommunication infrastructure - Yes (up to the zone border)
Transportna infrastruktura unutar zone - Yes (up to the zone border)