Welcome note

Dear investors and business representatives,

in front of you is the web site of the "Competitiveness of business excellence area - COBEAR" implemented by “TRA” Agency for development of Tešanj municipality in cooperation with partners: Teslić municipality, “RAŽ“ Development Agency Žepče and the Association of Entrepreneurs "Business Center" Jelah- Tešanj.

The total project value is 526,575.65 € (1,029,892.45 BAM), of which the European Union has provided an amount of 439,547.95 € (859,681.07 KM).

Project’s overall objective is to contribute to sustainable economic development and increase of the supply level and demand on the labor market in the leading economic sectors in the BEAR field, in the municipalities of Teslić, Tešanj and Žepče. Implementation of the project realizes three main objectives: to stimulate a favorable business environment in the BEAR area; increase the level of competitiveness of export-oriented enterprises in targeted sectors of BEAR areas and increase the number of employees in the BEAR area.

Within the 30 months project will provide support for a minimum of 30 export-oriented small and medium enterprises along with the development of the business environment and improving the situation on the market of skilled labor in the project area. Project intervention subject focuses on the following four sectors: metal processing and production of car parts; wood processing and furniture manufacturing; leather processing and textile and; food processing and beverage production.

The foundation point of the project marked signing of the Agreement on 26/11/2014 between the “TRA” Agency for development of Tešanj municipality and the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina as the contractual parties, and the official public presentation was performed on the press conferences held on 22/12/2014 in Tešanj.

We are working on the conceptualization of economic growth in the BEAR project area by acting jointly with the project partners through devising lowest common denominator of the following four factors: human resources-capital-technology-natural resources.

By the means of the project we want to improve the competitiveness of business zones in the three local communities (Teslić, Tešanj and Žepče), establish info points for investors, undertake labor force training programs and to provide a set of different services to export-oriented small and medium enterprises, such as:

- Conduct an analysis of the situation and needs of export-oriented companies and to develop action plans and recommendations
- Creating the publication "Export book with specific customer requirements"
- Organization and realization of seminars to strengthen the management capacity of exporters
- Implement the prototyping process for selected companies of the BEAR region
- Implement the process of products branding for selected company of the BEAR region
- Preparing companies for certification (the international quality standards)
- Development of business plans and marketing plans for selected exporters
- Creation of a web portal for the promotion of exporters and investment potential of the BEAR region
- Creating promotional multimedia, bilingual catalog of companies from the BEAR region
- Foreign companies trade missions organization in the BEAR region.

As closing words, I want to invite all investors, representatives of the business community and people of good will with the following: Come to BEAR - and be successful! Be bold-Become a part of the COBEAR for a short while at least!

Ph. D. Ismar ALAGIC, B.Sc. in mechanical engineering
COBEAR Project Manager