Industrijska zona "Polja"



  • Greenfield industrijska zona „Polja“
  • Površina: 11,2 hektara
  • 1 km do magistralnog puta M-17 B.Šamac – Žepče - Sarajevo,
  • 0,5 km do regionalnog puta R-465 Žepče-Zavidovići-Tuzla
  • 0,1 km od željezničke pruge Budimpešta – Šamac – Sarajevo - Ploče.
  • 2 km od budućeg Paneuropskog koridora 5C
  • 0,5 km od Autoceste Tuzla - Žepče


Industry-Business zone "Lanara"


Industry zone Lanara spreads on 14ha containing 11,8 ha or 84% unused parcels for investors. Within the zone there are 21 parcel of different size – from 2.700m2 to 8.500m2 , and it is important to mention that Parcelation plan is flexible i.e. it is possible to reduce or to increase the size of the particular parcel by merging of few parcels.The zone Lanara is situated near the existing business subjects (Borje and Destilacija) and near the downtown, which implies to the fact that all the required infrastructure is next to it, and the closest residental buildings are 500m far.


Business zone type: Greenfield
Area: 140.847 m²
Location: Urban area of Teslic
Address: Ul. Kralja Petra,
Teslic 74270
Distance from the county road-1km
Road communication - Good
Topography of the terrain - Flat
Soil characteristics-Stable


Electricity - Yes(up to the zone border)
Water supply - Yes (up to the zone border)
Waste water drainage system - Yes (up to the zone border)
Solid waste disposal - Yes (up to the zone border)
Telecommunication infrastructure - Yes (up to the zone border)
Transportna infrastruktura unutar zone - Yes (up to the zone border)


Industry-Business zone "Borja"


  • Zone type: brownfield, industrial
  • Surface area: 5.6 ha (available surface area: 4 ha)
  • Surface area of available structures: 500-1000 m2
  • Ownership: 100% owned by Teslić Municipality
  • Initial price of land (subject to changes): 45 KM/m2
  • Initial price of structures: 140-296 KM/m2
  • Fee for regulation of construction land: 65.00 KM/m2; Fee for rent: 26 KM/m2
  • Target activities: any clean production activity
  • Number of companies in the zone: 3 (total of approximately 100 employees)
  • Location: town centre


  • Roads (access roads and within the zone): Yes
  • Electrical energy: Yes, 4 MW capacity of the substation
  • Water: Yes, Ø250 and Ø110mm, flow 120 l/s
  • Sewerage: Yes, sewage waste and storm sewer
  • Possibility to dispose of solid waste: Yes
  • Telephone/internet: Yes
  • Gas: No
  • Heating: No

Business zone "Glinište"

Area of the municipality Tešanj is one of the most dynamic environments for doing business in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This municipality has a number of export oriented micro, small and medium size companies that, according to the results from 2014, have annual turnover of 1.3 billion BAM and employ 10,078 workers. Value of exports from production sector in municipality Tešanj is BAM 352,873 million, and export markets include more than 60 countries on 6 continents. Since 2010 this municipality has seen a continuous increase in number of businesses, turnover and number of employees, realized exports and investments, with implementation of more than 20 foreign direct investments over the considered period. However, in terms of the available business infrastructure, the described trend of growth has resulted with situation that at this time, only 12 ha or 18% of total area of industrial land in existing business zones has remained available.

Business Zone Glinište is located around 5 km north of the town of Tešanj, on the section of the main road M-4, between Doboj and Jelah, on the area of 71.16 hectares of land. Development of the business zone has been identified in the Regulation Plan for the Business Zone Glinište, that foresees development of 39 new business/production buildings and 10 business buildings on the area of this business zone. In addition to the production and business buildings, the plan is to also build additional 199 residential buildings with 398 housing units, while retaining the existing 116 residential buildings with 232 housing units and 5 residential-business buildings with 5 housing units.